This Marlin firmware configuration allows you to manually level the bed or use mesh leveling to adjust the bed if its a little warped or you may just prefer doing it that way. No sensor is required. Any questions please post below. Sorry I have not done a lot of videos so please forgive the poor quality or the annoying person in the video :P. If you need any help my contact information is in the top notes of configuration.h. Please let me know if you find any issues with the firmware and I will look to update it in the future.

     I hope this helps people out as I have heard for request or questions how to do this.

     Firmware can be found on the link below. my new website is being built with ideas and needs of the community. Please let me know any ideas you have or if you wish to contribute.

     This software configuration is provided as is. By using this you agree to use it at your own risk. Regardless if believe I am at fault for burning your house down or causing aliens to come over to your house and abduct you. I Only ask that I remain in the credits and you direct people to my website to download the script.

For Ender 3

For Ender 5